Not “give and take” but give and give

Dear Friends of the Church in Cuba, Ministry is not an exchange. It is not a transaction. The people being ministered to do not — and cannot — contribute toward the cost of the blessings that are provided. One example: our book sets that are handed out at each conference. A five-book set costs between […]

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Yusniel Pérez Montejo

Donations for our bike project have doubled this year

Many pastors we work with travel long distances on foot and on public transportation in order to minister at the churches and mission stations they are responsible for. A bike allows a pastor to accomplish more by reducing his travel time between home and church, and helps him visit more people from his congregation. It […]

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Charles with class

Eternal Answers evangelism and discipleship program launched

July was the official launch of the Eternal Answers evangelism and discipleship project. Thanks to brothers Dave and Larry Chapman, we have already printed the tracts (150,000) and discipleship manuals (2,500) that form the foundation of this outreach. Dave’s 10-panel tract has enough questions and Scripture to really start up a good conversation with someone […]

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Alexeis y Rebeca

Our friend and colleague Alexeis Rodríguez was robbed

Dear Friends, Today brought terribly disheartening news from my good friend Alexeis Rodríguez, director of the UGECU* student ministry in Cuba. Returning home after a ministry trip to one of the college groups, they discovered their home had been robbed. Most of their valuable items were stolen, even their washing machine! They lost their rice […]

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The poor have the Gospel preached to them

I’m sure you are familiar with the phrase “save the best for last.” In any sort of persuasive writing or speech, such as a legal argument, debate, or essay, the best practice is to start with your weakest argument and gradually escalate until you finish with your strongest point at the end of your presentation. […]

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Practical words of widsom from pastor Pat Franks

Practical words of widsom from pastor Pat Franks

I always enjoy traveling with men who are much more experienced than me in life and in spiritual matters. One of my favorite messages from 43 trips to Cuba was by Dr, Harold Sala entitled “What They Didn’t Teach Me in Seminary.” I appreciated hearing practical wisdom from a man who has ministered 30 years […]

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TEB pic – cropped

Bible Training Workshops

In October of last year we launched a new conference series based on the results of our many years of organizing leadership training events. In English the name of this new conference ministry is Bible Training Workshops and these events have the following characteristics: • Three days of teaching (15 to 18 hours total) • […]

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We wrestle not against flesh and blood  . . .

We wrestle not against flesh and blood . . .

I have never approached the Cuba ministry as spiritual warfare, nor my trips as attacks on enemy-held territory. Perhaps my outlook has been simplistic, but I simply want to help my friends do the ministry God has called them to do. Eliseo is my friend, and though he and the ten other professors at the […]

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I was “up a tree” until I met a man up a tree!

I woke up this morning thinking about all the things that I need to pack for my Cuba trip. I depart for Miami tomorrow morning. I have been feeling stressed because it appeared I was going to be returning to the children’s cancer ward of the provincial hospital almost empty-handed. I did not have much […]

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Two very special brothers, one amazing project

First I met David, who has written a tract that is designed to be a conversation starter about God and the Gospel. He later introduced me to his brother, Larry, who had created a discipleship booklet for new believers that is available in several languages. Through their generosity, we have now printed 100,000 of the […]

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