View of Havana

The Church in Cuba is NOT a persecuted Church

From time to time colleagues send me links to internet articles describing supposed “persecution” of certain Cuban pastors. This week someone sent me another link, that taken out of the larger context of what is happening in Cuba, could possibly cause great concern that the government is “cracking down” on the Church. I see these […]

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Darlene organized a special session for the ladies.

Emergency trip home from Cuba

Dear Friends of the Church in Cuba, If you have been praying for me: thank you. Less than half-way through my October trip I was notified that my stepdad had a massive, life-threatening stroke. I was able to travel all the way home from rural western Cuba in only 26 hours, which was an amazing […]

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Marilyn Kaynor during her first trip to Cuba

The many generations of the ministry

One of the greatest satisfactions Celia and I have experienced in the Cuba work is to have helped numerous missionaries and churches launch their own ministries on the island. This normally involves taking them to Cuba a time or two, and then advising and assisting them as they begin taking their own teams down. Our […]

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These seven books are in the set we purchased

Treasure trove of Josh McDowell books purchased

I felt the amazing “rush” of discovering hidden treasure when one of our book distributors notified me that he had located a huge quantity of Josh McDowell books that had been stored for years in western Cuba. You see, in 1999 the churches in Cuba were allowed to host a series of large events in […]

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Omni Ovidio Salva

Buy a bike for a Cuban pastor

Many Cuban pastors we work with travel long distances on foot and on public transportation in order to minister at the two, three or even more churches and mission stations they are responsible for. A bike allows a pastor to accomplish more by reducing his travel time between his home and the churches, and helps […]

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Treasure chest with money spilling out

A miraculous provision all the way from Malaysia

Late into the evening of July 2nd I sent out an urgent prayer request explaining that the next morning I was headed to Miami and then Cuba, but without sufficient resources to reimburse the local churches who had invested their meager savings into the preparations for the four ACTION events we had scheduled. I was […]

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Everyone received 5 books.

Trip report for July: three camps and a Christian Education conference

Our July trip was a tremendous challenge and an amazing blessing. Our team of eight from ACTION arrived in Havana on the 6th and later that evening I translated for our International Director, Nelson Reed, at the evening service of a small church in the Chinatown neighborhood of the capital. On Sunday, five members of […]

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Give and you shall receive

God’s provision: Give and it shall be given unto you

Edgar* is one of the most valiant Christians I have ever personally met, but I could really care less about the bumpers of the Toyota van he is restoring. Nonetheless, there I was, seated next to him at Dino’s Pizza in Cuba as he showed me pictures of the front and rear bumpers of the […]

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Dr. Don Fanning teaching at an ACTION conference in 2012

Why invest in pastors’ conferences?

The pastors’ conferences we organize in Cuba cost between $15 and $19 per attendee, depending on the venue and the length of the event. We normally host events for at least 200 church leaders, so this can mean a total investment of between $3000 and $8500. Is this a good investment? Well, here are some […]

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José Aguiar speaking at the conference

Trip report: April retreat and pastors’ conference

Thank you very much for your prayers and giving toward the April trip and events. The interdenominational pastors’ conference in Moa was spectacular! The pictures and accompanying captions below can only communicate a snapshot of what it was like hosting 433 leaders from 27 denominations.  When you combine the excellent teaching sessions during the day […]

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